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InSpex Founded 2009


Concept Brief

Inspex, established in 2009, started in the UAE, and expanded to global pioneers in cleaning services. Led by a highly qualified management team and backed by trained professionals armed with industry expertise.

InSpex stands out from its peers by constantly re-inventing and introducing several industries, customer-centric, innovative & tech-led disconcerting cleaning practices/solutions.

Today, Inspex is a major one-stop solution provider of top quality cleaning services across super-yachts, offices, hotels, nurseries, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, clinics, and spas. Our services are high-end, full-spectrum and superior.

At Inspex, we are passionately committed to cleaning boats, barges, and yachts, operating on both full and short-term contracts, promising top quality services each time. Our range of services, are in tune with our clients’ needs, enhancing their boats, for them to enjoy their time to the fullest.


InSpex Services specializes in eco-friendly, chemical-free, and germ-free cleaning, catering to a variety of properties, ensuring a safe and sustainable environment: Office Cleaning, Clinics, Gym Cleaning, Marine Vessels Cleaning, Private Residence Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning.

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